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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
:star: About me :star:
:bulletpurple: I'm a Pororo Fan Forever
I don't care when someone dislike my Pororo drawing
:bulletblue: Realname: Nisarat Pungsup/นิสารัตน์ พึ่งทรัพย์
:bulletgreen: Current Resident: Bangkok
:bulletblack: Hobby: Drawing, Sleeping, Watching TV, Watching Youtube, Reading books, Shopping, Surf the internet, Collecting Stuff, Listen to music (such as K-pop, J-pop, Vocaloids, Thai songs, western songs, Relaxing theme music.)
:bulletwhite: Favourite Style of Art: Everything Awesomeness.
:bulletyellow: Like/Love: Cartoon, Anime, Video Game, Nature, Sleeping, Foods, Shopping, Arts, Music, ipads, Relaxing, Cute Things, Internet, Books (such as Manga or Light Noval), Animals (such as penguin, fox, rabbit, cat, dog), Figurines, Toys, Cool weather, Plush Dolls, kind, Respectful, Friendly, Helpful, My family, Cute or cool characters, Quiet times, Theme Parks, Drawing, Watching TV, Money, My country (Thailand), Japanese Stuffs, Old School Stuffs etc.
:bulletblue: Dislike/Hate: School, Homework, Annoying parents, Maths, Lazy, Snobs, Spoiled Brats, Moody, Grumpy, Trolling, Jealous, Ignorant, Crazy, Cyber-bullies, Fighting, Stealing, Boredom, Hackers, Pornography, Hentai, Renamon or Digimon porn, Renamon furry fandom (mostly fantards), Pokemon porn, MLP porn, Losing my stuff, Hate comments, Vore, Slow internet, Anime haters, Cartoon haters, Video Game haters, Pororo haters, Nintendo haters, Spamming, Mean people, Hot weather in thailand, Rabid fans or haters ,Creepypasta, Female Gardevoir or Lopunny or Jigglypuff (mostly fantards), Jigglypuff (Smash Bros.), Shipping War, No having money, My favourite character Bashing, Bugs or Glitches, Noisy kids, Nightmares ,My weight , Art Thieves, Being rant on, Natural Disasters, Upset, Bad viruses, Having my data being erased or corrupted, Dramatic, Reported, Abusive, Headaches, Cruel, Being forgetful, Frustration, People who think someone dislike or hate Yaoi/Yuri are homophobics, Boku no Pico, Grand Theft Auto etc.
:bulletgreen: I not interested in or don't care about: Yaoi, Yuri, Football, Sports, TV soaps, Ponyfications art, Anthro Pokemon art, inflation, Game Shows, Pop Stars, Justin Bieber, MLP crossover couples, Ash's Pikachu, Furry, Bondages, Weight Gain, Genderbend etc.
:bulletorange: Cartoon, Anime and Videogames I like/love: MLP, Disney movies, PPG, Doraemon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Pretty Cure, K-ON, Crayon Shinchan, Pokemon, Digimon, Super Mario Bros., Most of Nintendo videogames franchises, Most of Cartoon Network franchises, Touhou, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sailor Moon, Pucca, Pororo the Little Penguin (korean cartoon), Robocar Poli (korean cartoon), Chiro (korean cartoon), La Flora (thai manga), Tom and Jerry, Kantai Collection, Hamtaro, Super Smash Bros., Super Sentai (Power Ranger), Kirby, Nisekoi, Vampire Knight, Lucky Star, Okami, Ojamajo Doremi, Detective Conan, Tokyo Mew Mew, Oreimo, Barbie, Panty and Stocking, Hetalia, Card Captor Sakura, Yo-Kai Watch, Kill la Kill, Non Non Biyori, Puyopuyo, Felix the Cat, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Love Live, Peppa Pig, Johnny Test (plz don't kill me~ JT haters), some of children cartoon show etc.
:bulletpink: Pairings I like or love: Pororo X Petty or Loopy, Eddy X Petty or Loopy, Reshiram X Zekrom or Kyurem, Minccino X Emolga, Oshawott X Snivy or Chespin, Meloetta X Keldeo or Victini, Diancie X Jirachi or Manaphy, Virizion X Cobalion or Terrakion, Dialga X Palkia, Groudon X Kyogre, Lugia X Ho-Oh, Xerneas X Yveltal, Takeru X Hikari (Digimon), Sora X Taichi or Yamato, Ken X Miyako, Takato X Juri, Ruki X Ryo, Mario X Peach or Rosalina, Luigi X Daisy or Rosalina, Fox X Krystal, Panty X Brief, Pit X Palutena or Viridi, Kaito X Meiko, Luka X Gakupo, Naruto X Hinata, Toad X Toddette, Sonic X Amy or Sally, Silver X Blaze, Cuddles X Giggles, Cheren X Bianca, Jessie X James, Nobita X Shizuka (Doraemon), Shinichi X Ran (Conan), Link X Zelda or Midna or Tetra etc.
:bulletblack: Pairings I dislike or hate: Gardevoir X Blaziken or Mewtwo or Gallade etc., Any pairing involving Samus, Any paring involving Renamon, Sonic X Shadow, Any pairing involving Lopunny, Elsa X Anna, Ash X Pikachu, Pit X Dark Pit, Kirby X Meta Knight or King Dedede or Jigglypuff, Meta Knight X Jigglypuff, Meloetta X Oshawott or Piplup, Eren X Levi, Any incest pairings, Most Yuri and Yaoi pairing etc.
:bulletpurple: I will draw: Pororo (hater gonna hate), Anime, Cartoon ,Video Game , Chibi, Random crossovers, Random things, Anything cute and simply.
:bulletblack: I will NOT draw: Violent, Gore, Blood, Ecchi, Hentai,
Yuri, Yaoi, Hate arts, Fetish arts, Anything inappropriate.
:bulletpink: Request Status: Closed.

Thanks for visiting,favs,comments or watching
I really appreciate them.:thanks:

:iconthankyouscript1::iconthankyouscript2::iconthankyouscript3:  photo d_s_u_01_10112_01_01.gif photo d_s_u_01_10083_01_01.gif

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:iconrubcheeksplz: Thank you SO much for your support by adding some of my pieces to your favorites last year. :giggle: A long time ago, I know! But I had to thank you sometime!

This is a formal invitation to come and see where my gallery has gone since then, since I believe I've vastly improved. :love: If you don't care for it no harm done and I won't bother you anymore. :D
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